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Monday, October 29, 2007

Reasons I love Primary

Yesterday, I went to Thomas and Erin's ward to help Erin in primary. She needed someone to pretend to be an investigator for Sharing Time. The full-time missionaries were there and I was supposed to ask questions such as "Who Am I?" and then the primary children would pick a primary song that would help answer my questions. It was great. I haven't been in primary for a while, but here are a few experiences that might embody the essence of primary.

1. A ward was getting out as I was waiting out in the hall for Erin. There was a couple who walked by, who had just finished their primary class down the hall. The woman looked at her husband and said, "I'm done being a Mormon today."

2. There were three children running back and forth in the hall, they were giggling and chasing each other. It seemed as though they were at the end of their 3-hour block. One adult stopped them and said, "No running in the church." They promptly stopped until he was gone, then started again.

3. Once in Sharing Time (junior primary): the missionaries were talking about the first vision. They help up a picture of it and asked what it was called. They said, "This the first what? It starts with a V." A very well-behaved sunbeam on the front row raised his hand and with a serious, thoughtful voice asked "virgin?," with a serious face. He didn't know he was getting his stories mixed up! The adults and missionaries did a great job not laughing out loud.

4. Sharing Time (senior primary): There will always be the few children who seem to have an answer for everything and they somehow seem to pronounce it with such power and volume. One girl repeatedly asked the Primary President who she loved the most out of the primary. She then sat on the front row and bobbed her head up and down for a seemingly endless few minutes. But, the jostling of her brain did not effect her ability to speak.

5. Perhaps I saved the best for last, but I couldn't help but smile as I walked away yesterday because I got a popcorn ball. I haven't had a popcorn ball in years. It was orange for Halloween, of course. It wasn't as tasty as I remembered, but I still ate the whole thing. I couldn't help but enjoy eating it in honor of all the popcorn balls I ate as a member of primary.

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Kim said...

Oh man - I hated those things! I'm not sure why, but I've never really enjoyed a popcorn ball. Glad you had fun, though. :)