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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Fire ... Continued

Here are some more pics from the aftermath of the fire.

This is the cooler with the front melted away.

This is the wall of the laundry room. Notice the oxyclean was safe inside the cabinet.

This shows how the erratic the fire was. This toliet paper was right above the dryer. Two shelves up, the vacuum was completely melted, but the TP was fine.

Here is another example. This was in the kitchen. I like to think of it like a good roasted marshmallow: nice and brown on the outside, perfect on the inside.

We spent almost an entire Saturday at the laundromat.

It was quite a feat to wash everything we owned: clothes, coats, blankets, towells, everything. It felt a little like the good old days of doing laundry at Boy Scout Camp when we did laundry for 50 boys. Only this was much better overall. But, by the end, we started to feel the weight of being homeless and smelly.

Although we still had some laughs.

And we laughed at Thomas.

And the moral of the story is,

1. Don't leave your dryer on when you aren't home--even if you think nothing will happen.
2. Clean behind your dryer every six months (the fire chief told me that).
3. Buy Charmin TP because it won't burn!
4. Buy an Apple. It was in the midst of all the smoke and it is still working great! It was black on top, but they even managed to clean it off.
5. Buy a Strand Bag when you go to NYC. Yes, this is the only bag I have that doesn't smell like smoke because I had it with me when I left the house. But, it has been my lifesaver as I have hauled all my stuff around. I love it; it is a wonderful bag. And it was only $8.

I would also like to say thank you to all the people who have helped us and who have let us stay with them or keep our stuff at their place even though it smells. You know people love you when you smell and they don't mind!

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