Newness for a New Year

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Missing: One Green Heel

I'm not sure how it happened, and frankly, I'm baffled at where it could be. How do you lose one shoe in your closet? I remember wearing them and then taking them off and slinging them into the bottom of my closet. Now, poof. One is gone. The part that really irks me is that I have no idea how I just have one beautiful, green heel left. The only way out of my room would have been in the garbage? But, I think I would have noticed since I have a small garbage in my room.

But, I can't get rid of the other one because then I'll find the missing one and still be down one perfect shoe. Maybe it will show up again ... somewhere...somehow. If my dad were reading this, he'd simply say, "It looks like it got up and walked away!" Ha. Ha.

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Janelle said...

I wish I could swap you one beautiful green heal for a number of things that just seem up have up-ed and walked away recently...I really think some of mine might have ended up in the trash...thanks to little helping hands...:)