Newness for a New Year

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Our nation, which possesses greater resources than any other, is rent, from center to circumference, with party strife, political intrigues, and sectional interest; our counselors are panic stricken, our legislators are astonished, and our senators are confounded, our merchants are paralyzed, our tradesmen are disheartened, our mechanics out of employ, our farmers distressed, and our poor crying for bread, our banks are broken, our credit ruined, and our states overwhelmed in debt, yet we are, and have been in peace."
(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith: Section V, 1842-1843, at 249 (1976 Deseret Book Company)). Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 1976 edition on page 249.


jw said...

Without a doubt, this is the best political post I have read all year, regardless of the original author. The fact that it comes from a prophet makes it all that much better.

tirb said...

Wow. He could have been talking about the last couple of months. Also, so good to see a post from you again!

Alisa said...

amen, if I hadn't seen you just days ago I would have thought you were stuck in Michigan.

Camille said...

I cannot remotely begin to tell you how unbelievably excited I am to have found you! I have wondered for years how you have been doing, what you have been doing, etc.
I read back through your blog, it seems like you are still amazing as I remember.
I would love to catch-up with you, email me. heavenandheck at gmail dot com
Eeeaaa! (Girly squeal of excitement in finding a long lost friend, thank you Google.)
-Camille Poulter Heck

Anonymous said...

I've shared this wonderful quote with several friends, and yesterday it was read as part of our RS lesson. What comfort to know we do have peace, no matter what else is going on.


SalliJune said...

Reading your entries is like entering into a new kind of Narnia.
I love the crystal-clear truths that resonate in your heart so harmoniously that you can't help but write them, or renew them, in your blog. I love you, Lady Bree!