Newness for a New Year

Monday, October 6, 2008


I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the week. I am here on my first business trip with Allen. I am with a team, which is nice since I have no real idea of what I am doing.

We went to Lake Michigan tonight. It was so beautiful. Tomorrow we start meetings.

I'll catch up here when I get some time this week.


tirb said...

I need to hear more about your job. Sounds big-time!

Aaron & Christine Lee Family said...

I found you! Are you up here in SLC? If you are, when are you coming over for dinner!

Katie Ackerman Langston said...

Hey, you! I think it's time for an update! I also think it's time for you to join Facebook. ;)

I surely hope you're well. You were right about Moscow. BEAUTIFUL.

Love ya,