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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Taking the Bus

I first rode public transport when I was just a little girl. My Nana would take me into Ogden city for the day and we would go to the temple and then over to the mall for pizza and rootbeer. Today, I decided to take public transport all the way from Provo to Centerville. I am currently on the last leg of my journey on FrontRunner. I am enjoying the WiFi and I couldn't resist taking the time to blog while I wait for the train to leave. There are a lot of people on the train today, unlike the previous times I have taken it. As people filed off the train, I heard so many people excited about riding a train for the first time and amazed at the wonderful world of public transport.

I can't help but think back to Bulgaria, where I truly relied on public transport in full for the first time in my life. My first train ride was out to a small village, Vladitrichcoff. I had been in the bustling, concrete capitol of Sofia for weeks without being able to see beyond the endless rows of apartment blocks. The train was old and rusty. Everything about the trip seemed to transform me back 20-30 years. The village was rustic and everything a small village in rural Bulgaria should be. I loved the feel of the train as it rolled along. I began to sense that the rumbling would never leave me. That trip to the country and to a small stream along a dirt rode comforted me and took me back to my core.

And now, here I am in Salt Lake City, riding a train of a very different and very modern variety. I can use my laptop and be home in about 15 minutes.

Today, my journey began on a bus from Provo and then I transferred to Trax. I met a small boy named Nathaniel on the trip. He was so eager and full of wonder at the whole experience. He kept pointing out everything he saw to me with amazement. I was quickly reminded of how much the world holds to those who appreciate what they see.

Although the trip has taking me at least twice as long as it would to drive, I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and taking some time to enjoy the day.

Life is full of stories. I am reminded of that when I can see so many different people. Each has a story, but I really believe that the essence is the same. We live to find joy and happiness. The means and end of such happiness varies for different people, but the journey is somehow very similar. I am reminded of my own humanity, my part in the larger play of life. And, it makes me want to play my role as best I can, all the while enjoying my part.

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Tammy said...

I am so glad you appreciate public transportation. The last time I rode the trax and bus to Provo I really felt like it was a spiritual experience. Without homework to plow through, I was able to really just take in the beauty of the ride and look out the window and think. I like the times when the bus is silent and you are in a group of people, connected without talking.