Newness for a New Year

Friday, May 30, 2008


It is that time of year again. EFY has drenched BYU campus. All I can say is that every time I walk around and see them lounging outside, I am so glad I am not that awkward girl who went to EFY when she was 15.

Oh, and although I am often a little cynical about EFY, I am really glad that Traci will be teaching them for a couple of weeks this year. I believe she will help them over their awkwardness. Congrats Traci for going for a dream of yours.


Katie Langston said...

Okay, but Grover, I like SOOOO loved EFY, like SOOOO much, like I cried every day, okay, and like the boys were so hot and I just like loved it.

*grins* I tend to be a little skeptical of EFY myself, though I never went and I *have* heard many positive experiences otherwise, so, admittedly, the skepticism is unfounded. My husband would be very disappointed if he knew I was teasing about it, as he thinks I'm too judgmental already. He's right, of course...

Anyway, hope you're doing well. I check in on you every now and then. Love ya lots!!

Alisa said...

I never went to EFY, however, most of my friends would go every year and loved it. My best story though is that Beno's little brother went to EFY and ended up on a mission which is far better than his older brother. It gave him a base and foundation that was sadley missing from his bring up. So good can be found. Didn't you go to an EFY type of thing? I have pictures of you in Provo with groups of girls and boys. I want to ride the train sometime.