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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Backpacking in 2006

I was burning a CD of pictures for a friend of mine, and I decided that I want to start sharing some photos from events that occurred before I started blogging because I think they are cool and potentially interesting. I hope you enjoy these.

This was a backpacking trip we took August 2006. We stopped at Camp Loll on our way, of course. I love this picture because this is what we do when we first go to camp--we go and visit the landing and greet the lake. I think everyone greets the lake (and camp) in a different way, but somehow it is important to do so.
This is us at a trail head. We went back into Shoshone Lake. Everyone still looks refreshed and happy at this point.

We also toured Yellowstone a bit, which was great because we hadn't been their with so much of the family for a long time. I also like this because we are all in the picture thanks to Nathan talking to a German-speaking couple and getting them to take a photo for us. Although we always give Nathan a hard time for talking to random people and always managing to find people who speak German, it worked out well for this shot. It was great to revisit so many of the spots we stayed at when we were just kids.
This is at Lewis Lake. Back in the fires of 1988 we stood on this shore and saw the fire intensifying across the lake. We were all a lot younger and Dan had yet to join our family. We are glad David and Dan were able to join us in reliving our memories.

We even stayed in the same room at the motel we used to stay in. I will find that pic and add it soon.


Alisa S said...

This is yellowstone lake but I do remember watching the fires that were burning across the lake. I remember being so sad the next time we went back to yellowstone and saw all the destruction that the fires had done. Now, it really doesn't seem so bad what happened. I know how good it actually was for the park but, when you're little fire just can't be a good thing. I loved our backpacking trip. I really am excited for the adventures this summer.

Breanne Grover said...

I stand corrected. I guess I made it into Lewis Lake in my mind. Strange how that works. Thanks for the clarification. I remember how interested I was in seeing the burned forest and learning that it is part of the growth process. Burning and refinement can produce more growth and beauty. Huh, funny how that works.

Emily said...

I love the picture of all of us at Lake of the Woods. I remember going to Walden and I had to put my hand in the water, to touch it and have it be real. I think that is how I feel each time we go to Camp. Touching the water in our beautiful lake makes it real, not just what I dream about. Amazing how on difficult days, when I have been in labor with my children or can't fall asleep at night, I go to the landing in my mind, allowing the smells and the sounds of camp to wash away the harshness I feel around me. Going there makes everything better. It truly is going home. Touching the water makes the connection to home instant and overwhelming. Thanks for sharing those pictures. It will remain one of my most cherished trips.