Newness for a New Year

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Seeing is Believing

I had one of those moments the other day that I will not soon forget. It begins with a habit of mine: I google myself. I like to see what pops up from time to time, which is usually BYU stuff or links to comments I make on various blogs. But, I found something new and rather exciting the other day.
Last year I was asked to write a review of some poetry books for ISLE, the main eco-critical journal(the main journal in my area of specialty). When I was in Maine two summers ago, I met a PhD student from University of Nevada Reno (which is where the journal is published and also supports the leading eco-critical program in the nation). I asked him all kinds of questions about the program since I was planning on applying. Well, he contacted me later that year and asked if I wanted to do these reviews. I said yes. Then I thought, "I have no idea how to do poetry reviews." Well, I asked a colleague about it and tried my hand at the poetry review.

I reviewed two collections of poetry. I wasn't sure when they would be coming out in print, but then I discovered this
link, which pretty much surprised me. I know this isn't a huge deal and I don't think that a lot of people will be reading this collection or the review for that matter, but somehow I am on the website as being a credible reviewer. The review was meant to explain how the collection addresses issues of nature in literature, so the discussion deals with the poetry in that sense. I also wrote a review for another collection, which I liked better, but that is in the journal.

It was really exciting to have my name next to the name of the credible journal--and it reminded me again that I am actually a professional--something I seem to forget regularly.


Emily said...

Very Nice review.

Emily said...

Very Nice Review I enjoyed reading it. You sound very professional. It is always nice to see your name and work in print. Great job.

Spencer G said...

That's really cool. I tried googling my name and it was not an interesting experience at all.

Alisa said...

Very cool. I love reading your stuff. I even enjoyed going and listening to your paper about the elipse. You are very talented. I think what I like best is you write the way you talk(for the most part) and you draw others into this world that seems different from the one that they live in but it's not. It just seems better and more interesting. I'm not sure if that makes sense. Obviously I didn't receive the gift of writting or speaking.