Newness for a New Year

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Angle of Repose

I got back to Provo today, after spending the holidays with my family in Centerville. It is good to be back and getting ready for school to begin Monday. My plants survived the long break with only one watering, which I am grateful for. And now that they are on their way to recovery, I figure I should get back to recovering my blogging. It has been a while.

I am currently reading Wallace Stegner's Angle of Repose (hence the title of this blog). I am really enjoying it. I will write a review when I am done. I have been thinking about making my New Year's Resolution for 2008 to foster a long sense of repose. I like the idea of finding peace with yourself and with your life. Yes, challenges come. Believe me, the tail end of 2007 taught me a lot about unexpected challenges applied simultaneously, but it also taught me about finding time for repose. There is so much to be grateful for in life to let your challenges interfere with living your life with purpose.

I look forward to many new adventures in 2008. I feel very lucky to have had an eventful and unforgettable 2007. To be as vague as possible: I saw much, learned much, and felt much. I am certain 2008 will bring more sight, knowledge, and feeling. I look forward to it.

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Salli J said...

What a gorgeous blog entry. Your words satisfy a craving, like dark chocolate and mint for the mind and soul. How i dig you!