Newness for a New Year

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just call me Maria

A fairly familiar introduction scene:

"Hello, my name is Breanne."
(some attempt at my name here)
"No, B-r-e-a-n-n-e" (said slowly)
"No, Bree."
"Oh! Bree, okay."

You might be as surprised as I am every time I get this. I still am not quite sure how people somehow get Maria from my name, but they do. The first time I noticed it was after my face broke. I figured that since I had a hard time saying b's and p's that my mouth must have looked like I said Maria. But the other day, I was on the phone and this same scenario happened. I am not quite sure how it works again and again, I am just thankful that the one syllable Bree is so much easier for people to understand.

But, if I am really lucky, then I also get this last phrase,
"Bree, like the cheese."
"Yeah, like the cheese."

It is one of those moments when some connection strikes you and you feel the need to share it, although you can bet the connection has been made hundreds of times by other people. Yet, you still share it anyway. I can't decide which is more humorous: Maria or the cheese.


Emily said...

Funny that a little boy and girl we both know both under 5 years old can pronounce your name fairly well, and correctly, all though our little girl can only say Bree.

Dan Simpson said...

I prefer the moniker I gave you, and was picked up just as I hoped.

Aunt B.

Thats right, think of the old lady who cooked for Opie and Andy Griffith.

Anonymous said...

I can relate. Before I got married every time I had to give my last name, "Thorup" it was an adventure. Inexplicably if someone was looking something up they always started in the "f" section until I corrected them. "Actually, it's T-H..." It really does make you wonder if you are bad at pronouncing your own name. I thought Scoville would rid me of all that but alas, Scofield seems to follow me everywhere.

Salli J said...

I think cheese is preferable of the two. It gets better with age :)