Newness for a New Year

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Photos

I am going to slowly upload pictures from my European Adventures. Here are a few.

Here is the 12th Century Abbaye Saint-Michel de Frigolet I stayed at while in Southern France for the Willa Cather Conference.

Here is another view.

I stayed in an old nun bunk room. They have changed part of the Abbey into lodging to earn some money. Fairly austere, but it was amazing.

Here is the Palais des Papes in Avignon, France. It was amazing to see. Having just been to the Vatican two weeks previous, I could only imaging what it would
been like in its glory days. Oh, and speaking of glory days. I have lost almost all my French from my early college days. I pretended to know some, but no one believed I was speaking French.

Here is the great hall.

The best view was from the ferris wheel.

But the ferris wheel was also wonderful. I think everything was better because we were in Southern France.

Here is a picture from Arle, another place we went. I will post those pictures soon, but this is a preview. I now understand why people rave about the French countryside. I was overwhelmed by the beauty.


kanga5 said...

So amazing! The places that you've gone. The pictures are lovely- thanks for sharing. Oh and I didn't know what DDR was either. :) Seriously- are college students really younger than us now? When did THAT happen?! LOL

SalliJune said...

So that picture of you standing by the fence bordering French countryside . . . it looks like you are part of the landscape. You are beautiful.
Oh and Richard knew what DDR meant, and I didn't. Funny because while you and I were searching for our lost contact lenses during those high school stomps, Richard was in the courtyard with Andrew Christensen scaling the walls. Yet, he knows what DDR means. Oh the irony!
I love your blog, by the way. I especially like what you said in your first entry about there being a part of a person that you can only get to know through their words. Also, thank you for the list of garbage disposal no-nos. I had no idea either about potatoes, rice, and pasta. Although I think carrots should be added to the list (Richard has unfortunately had to rescue our disposal from a number of orange run-ins :)
Mucho love--SJ

Alisa said...

Have you ever played DDR? It is so much fun. You would really love it. It is also really good cardio exercise.