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Monday, September 24, 2007

Good News about Clogged Sinks

I am pleased to report that my plans to write about finding a good, inexpensive plumber have been modified. I now will write about how to find someone who knows something about plumbing and get the advice for free. I guess the way to find such a person is to ask everyone you know, and talk to everyone about how silly you are that you clogged your sink with pasta noodles. In the end, you are bound to discover someone who knows something about clogged sinks.

On my end I spoke to quite a few people, but their advice was to call a plumber. But, lucky for me, Amelia also talked with her co-workers and was told to try using two plungers (since we have two drains). So early Saturday morning we went to Home Depot (which surprisingly opens at 6 a.m.) and bought one durable black plunger ($6) and one small terracotta colored plunger ($3) and returned home. We used the black plunger for the disposal side of the sink, and the terracotta colored plunger to make sure no air escaped from the other drain. I did have to stand on a chair to leverage the plunging action, and it was hard at first, but after about a minute of plunging, the drain was clear. I was ecstatic to say the least. My $9 investment had payed off and I also learned a great, easy trick for unclogging your pipes.

The moral of this story: be humble about your mistakes and admit your wrongs to everyone who might offer a solution. Oh, and in case you ever have a home improvement problem early in the morning--Home Depot opens at 6 a.m.

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