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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Spiral Jetty

When I was a senior, I took an art history class. I remember there were two pieces of art that I remember seeing in the book and knowing I had to see them in front of me. The first is Winged Victory; she is in the Louvre. I saw her the summer of 2007.

The other was the Spiral Jetty. Funny thing is that I made it to Paris before making it to the Jetty, which is right here in Utah.

But on Saturday, Natalie and I went to the Spiral Jetty--it was amazing.

Here is some background: Robert Smithson's monumental earthwork Spiral Jetty (1970) is located on the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Using black basalt rocks and earth from the site, the artist created a coil 1,500 feet long and 15 feet wide that stretches out counter-clockwise into the translucent red water. You can learn more here and here.

It was under water for 20 years, but the lake has been low for quite a while now.

Be sure to take water and a 4-wheel drive vehicle. It is definitely worth the trip. It took about 2 hours from Centerville. We spent about an hour out there, and then 2 hours back.

Here is the view on the way out.

There is a jetty just before you get to the Spiral Jetty. It's left over from oil drilling.

Then we could see the Jetty.

It only got better as we got closer.

Here it is up close.

And then on the Jetty.

To the side of the Jetty.

Another shot of the Jetty.

Then we climbed the hill and got these shots.

And, the final shot.


Daisy Chick said...

Wow that is really beautiful. I am so glad you were able to go see this. Love the picture you took of it.

Thomas said...

Glad you finally caught up with my installation art travels and visited the Jetty. Just following in my footsteps, I guess ;) It looks different from when I was there. The jetty was covered in salt build-up when I was there. I wonder why it's more exposed now.

tirb said...

You and Natalie are so cute. I haven't seen either of you in too long. Did you know that the artist's wife has an earthwork in southern Idaho?

I have never been but I have some friends who went and really enjoyed it.

David said...

Awesome. I was at antelope island with my fam when I was in Utah the other day and it was amazing I was telling my sister about the Jetty, but we didn't make it out there.. I must say as well that the Nike and Jetty were some of my favorites from AP. Everytime I'm in a museum with something I remember from class I get a little jolt of happiness.