Newness for a New Year

Friday, July 25, 2008

Things I am thinking about

Ever wonder what people are thinking about? Here you go.

1. I still need to find a job for this fall. I keep coming back to the general idea of working for a group like the United Way. Natalie met a girl yesterday who works there and says she is leaving in the next few months. She is a grant writer. I need to send some emails.

2. Still looking for a place to live in Salt Lake. LauraLee and I went hunting yesterday. It was actually good because I realized how much I am going to love living in the city. I found the condo of my dreams. It is in a historic building on 3rd south that has been renovated. It has old, blue tile going upstairs, dark hardwood floors, and is located across the street from Greek Souvlaki (a great Greek restaurant--I am craving their food right now). People have been wondering if I wanted to buy a condo/house, and I have been against it. But, walking into that condo changed everything. I actually wanted to buy. Since I don't have a job yet, there is no way I can. Besides, I realize the smart house-buying thing to do is put down 20%. Anyway, I guess I am glad that the perfect place actually exists.

3. I went to Sam Weller's in Salt Lake. What an amazing store. I am ashamed I haven't been there before. Go. You won't regret it.

4. Yesterday, Emily told me about an experience with Grace this past week. She was talking on her fake cell phone. When Emily asked who it was, she said she was talking to Nana Cook. Ethan told her she couldn't be talking to her. She said, "I can on my phone."

5. A student of mine sent me an email asking if I do lunch groups with students or if I would go to lunch with him (although he prefaced it by saying he wasn't asking me out). He wants to hear about how I feel about things other than 316 Technical Writing. I am not sure how to even begin responding to that one.

6. How can I best water my grass? Yes, I am always trying to figure out how to cover it all, even those hard-to-reach places.

7. I watched Penelope the other night with Natalie. I love that movie. How often do we not trust/like ourselves and that changes everything?

8. What else do I need to get ready for Mary-Kathryn's bridal shower tomorrow? I know I am forgetting something.

9. I need to buy muslin for the bookmaking projects Jenny is helping me with. We are taking old books, removing the text blocks and replacing them with new blank paper. We will rebind it for a usable book. I also need to call Becky about finishing our sewing project: bags.

10. One week from today I will be in Yellowstone with my family. We are leaving Thursday for the Park and then making our way into camp by Saturday. I can survive one more week in order to be there--a place where everything somehow slides clearly into perspective and where I can greet my true self along the edge of the lake.


Emily McAllister said...

Here's to finding the crystal clear perspective of ourselves along the shores of Lake of the Woods. My soul is yearning for that special place and I too am holding on for one more week. See you tomorrow.

Alisa said...

Are all these separate thoughts or do they all run together and become a jumble? I tend to have a jumble and will catch on to one to bring it to the forefront to think about it in more depth.

Holly said...

I love reading your blog. I feel like you are my long-lost friend that I know so well - but I have missed out on so many details of your current life. I'm glad that I can catch back up by reading your blog. I'm assuming you are going to the camp loll reunion? Jason and I were planning on going until we found out we were moving. I wish we could be there with you guys!! Have a great time and know that we love and will miss being with all of you. Post a picture for us!!