Newness for a New Year

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweet Land and Sweet, Sweet Netflix

So, I broke down and decided to try Netflix. I love it, which isn't a hard thing to do. I can get all the independent and foreign films I love, while also enjoying Internet streaming.

This past week, I watched
Sweet Land. It is a beautiful, simple love story that tells the story of Inge, a mail-order bride who comes to Minnesota during the 1920s. She tells her story to her grandson through flashbacks. She endured a communication barrier and racial intolerance. Her character demonstrates a fierce determination and subtle grace. This isn't a fast-paced movie, but it is eloquent and delightful. I highly recommend it.


Amber said...

I just watched this last week and loved it too. I also watched Bella- Kevin was out of town so it was a weekend of movies just for me. :) I enjoyed them both. Kevin says the only reason I am coming to Loll is cause I want to see you. He may be right about that. :)

Kelda said...

hey bre! how are you dear? check it out. i hope that all is well, i love you pics of camp loll. brings me back.

Anonymous said...
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