Newness for a New Year

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Front Bumpers

Yesterday, I was backing up in the snow and my car caught on an ice patch in front of my car. Well, it didn't sound too serious until I pulled away completely and I saw my front bumper on the ground. All I could do was laugh. My friend and I tried to put it in the back seat of my car so I could take it over to Thomas and have him help me. But, it wouldn't fit--go figure. Well, we decided we had to fix it ourselves, since I had no way of getting anywhere. Luckily, it really wasn't too hard to figure out. With one person on each side, we slid it back into the clips in fewer than 5 minutes.

As I pulled away with my front bumper securely in place, I couldn't help but think about how many times we have a moments when it seems like the front bumper of our lives comes off and just sits on the road in front of us. I guess it is nice to know that with a sense of humor and a little bit of work, along with good friends to help, you can pick yourself up and keep going.


Amber- aka kanga5 said...

Ha ha ha! Good analogy! I like it. Glad it wasn't too serious, and don't you even feel smarter now. Maybe it was a blessing that you didn't take it to Thomas and watch him click it back into place. :)

David said...

Man this would be so much better pictures. Especially of the front bumper coming off of someones life. (I can furnish some from my life if you need) :)