Newness for a New Year

Friday, December 14, 2007

Apparently, I am an under-age faculty member

I just got back from getting some free fudge from the bookstore. They gave out coupons to full-time faculty and employees for the Christmas season--a free half pound of fudge. Well, I thought I was going to get through the whole thing without being questioned about my status, and I almost did. But right at the end, I was carded. She took down my ID number.

I shouldn't be surprised. It happens every time I go to check out a book or a video from the library. They tell me I can only use the video in the library and then I have to tell them, "I'm faculty." I am to the point that I just give them my card and tell them up front. The best is on the first day of class when I know my students wonder why I am going to the front. Or it is also good when someone walks into class to talk to the teacher and has to ask if I am the teacher.

You know that if I were 40 and looked a little more like the professor then I wouldn't have a problem. Not that I am complaining. I would much rather them think me a student than an older professor. It is just that I have never been "carded" so much in my life.


Jeff said...

As an over-aged graduate student, I have no pity for you.

The other day Kate got carded for buying super glue. Apparently, kids these days get high using super glue. Or maybe they make bombs. Either way, it was the first time in her life that she purchased something that the law required her to prove her age. Sometimes, being a clean-living Mormon is pretty funny.

Jeff said...

Oh, and I miss BYU Bookstore fudge.

Heath-bar fudge: mmmmmmm.

Emily said...

I totally understand this. I felt the same way so often while I was working at Tread Lightly! I had one time when I went into a meeting I had spoken to the leader on a project several times on the phone, and when I went into the meeting he tried to direct me to a student lecture, I told him who I was He just kept saying you sounded so much older on the phone, they thought I was 18 years old, I was really 26. The good thing about having Mom's genes is she looks at least 10 years younger than she really is, and hopefully with any luck all of us girls will look much younger than we really are, so in some ways it is a blessing.