Newness for a New Year

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Do-Over Day

Do you ever wish you could restart your day? Maybe you would get up earlier ... or later. In so many ways, I would like to start today over. Being labor day, I thought it would be a nice, relaxing day. It ended up being an ornery day. The day itself was beautiful, and my family was very pleasant. Unfortunately, I was the ornery one. I'm not sure why it came crashing in today, but I just wasn't pleasant to be around.

The worst part about such a day is that I recognized that I was ornery, but I couldn't quite seem to pull myself out of it soon enough. I knew that I really wasn't going to be too great around people, and I finally resigned myself to aloneness and my own house. I cleaned ... everything. It was a good way to channel my orneriness. And, as with the day ... it passed. I got it back together and I let the ornery fall from me.

Good thing tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes or orneriness in it.


Warrior Princess said...

i had this exact day on saturday!! i love your ornery days breanne! maybe it's because i miss you :)

Amber said...

Yeah. I know those days. Aren't they frustruating because you KNOW you're onrey but yet you can't stop it. Sounds like you handled it as best as you could. :)

Daisy Chick said...

I think sometimes those are really what we should call opposition days. When they are over, I usually see things more clearly. I appreciate things more and recognize what I have more abundantly, especially as people continue to love me following them. They are truly the bitter days where we realize we can do and be better. There after all has to be oppostion in all things. We had fun being with you yesterday even if you were feeling onrey. Love you.

Evans Fam said...

ahhhh....ANNE! Where would I be without life's lessons from Anne? And why do those days have to come? Way to channel it!

Megan said...

sorry you had such a day. i hate it when i know i need to pull out of it and yet am too stubborn at the moment to do so. hope you are feeling better now. even when onery, you are still loved by many. (and i still think you are absolutely incredible and possess not faults or flaws!)