Newness for a New Year

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soothing Words

There is something very calming about sitting to write.

Sometimes it is the only way I can unwind, and other times it is the way I can process all I'm thinking and feeling. If I can put words to my feelings and emotions then they are easier to sort out and to handle. Granted, there are some things that even words cannot describe, but even the attempt to write something out seems to soothe me.

It has been an interesting week. I've managed to fill my summer full of classes, trips, work, and many other things. I keep thinking, it's summer and that means I'll have time. But, I've successfully booked myself fairly full.

I keep thinking back to the days when I had the summer off. It was only a few years ago that I would have at least a month and a half off completely. What did I do with all that time? I would love to have some of that time this summer.

My plans are rewarding though ... here is some of what is planned...

Seattle trip
Letterpress class
Teaching 316 again
Work (of course)
Trip to Camp Loll
Farmer's Markets
Jaw therapy
Book making
Hopefully some other weekend adventures ...

Should be a wonderful summer. My goal is to write about all of these and much more--and hope that they are of some interest.


Megan said...

love the great wall pic. isn't there something unique and ancient feeling about china? hope your trip went well, where did you go? good luck with the busy summer. you know, you can add the french provence to your list if you like (he he!)

Kellz said...

I have always wanted to take a letterpress class. Where are you taking it? P.S. I need an update! Where are you? What are you up to? It was fun to see you over the Christmas holiday.