Newness for a New Year

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thoughts before sleep

Usually I'm not someone who can stay up late--just ask all my friends and roommates. I am the one in the corner asleep while the party rages on.

But tonight, well, this morning ... 12:33 a.m. and I am awake.

Sometimes it is the rush of all the things I'm thinking about...

My new letterpress class will be challenging...but rewarding. Could this be part of my future?
What happens now that I will be missing classes? I could take a late flight to Seattle ... that may just work.
I have 20 students signed up for Summer. I was expecting closer to 7.
Where should we stay in China ... wow ... I am going to China in a week and a half.
Dan is great.
I have a lesson for Sunday ... haven't started that yet.
Family reunion this weekend ... I am summarizing my mission, which means I have to prepare photos, look up information. I'm going to cook Bulgarian food. I still can't believe that deli wasn't open Tuesday ... I have to take my lunch break to go get the cheese.
There is a baby shower tomorrow after work ... I can't forget the present.
Project due tomorrow at work ... is it even making sense?
When will I be able to get back to the studio to do my homework for class?
My room is a mess.
Shopping for food would probably be a good thing.
I need to write a letter of rec for a student.

I guess that none of this matters to any of you except that this is how our minds run so often. There is so much going on ... and it all has to take form in my brain before I can get any of it done.

And ... it will all get done, somehow and someway.

Maybe now that I've dumped this here, I will be able to get some sleep.


tirb said...

I sometimes get like that at night as well. Your post brings up lots of questions. China? Dan? I am going to call you.

Amber said...

Jodi & Taylor are going to China soon too! I'm sure you'll be right next door to each other. ;) You know cause China's so small and cozy.
Getting things out of my head usually gives them more order and me more peace. :)

amy said...

So you decided on China? Call me!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and so real.