Newness for a New Year

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Glory of Fall

I went to Centerville yesterday to vote, since I always forget to change my registration info before November 6. My Mom and I went in the afternoon, so there wasn't much of a line. When my Dad went later he said he had to wait a bit, which is good. It is good to know that people will stand in line to exercise that power.

I then spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening raking leaves with my Mom. I forget how delightful it is to subject yourself to that process: the raking, scooping, bagging, and then more raking, scooping, bagging. The day was chill, although I soon was warm enough to just enjoy being outside. There is something in the fall air that resonates so deeply with me. It quickly seeps into the inner regions of my soul and lingers there with freshness and vigor.

I am off to Portland tomorrow. I have always wanted to visit that city, and I am finally doing it. SalliJune and her husband Richard live there with their two daughters Sadie and Megan. I think that such a trip in the middle of the semester will be a nice break. My students and I have started to feel the lull that is the middle of the semester. But, things are starting to really gear up in my classes. It is time to talk about the final papers and to simply endure.

Next week I'll make sure to post pictures from Portland, so stay tuned.

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